what we did

Persona Development / Brand Development / Motion Design / Visual Design / Photo & Video Production / Illustration

As a creative branding agency, we’re proud of our role in helping to shape the FNGRS CRSSD’s brand. We’ve worked closely and collaboratively with their team to execute their vision in developing various sub-brands like DAY MVS, NGHT MVS, and CRSSD Fest, using dynamic design to keep their brand fresh and engaging. Our focus on innovative multimedia content has helped contribute to FNGRS CRSSD’s success, highlighting our commitment to driving brands forward in the ever-changing entertainment industry.

Our journey alongside FNGRS CRSSD, has been an exciting one. From day one, we’ve helped shape the evolution of their sub-brands, including DAY MVS, NGHT MVS, and the world-renowned CRSSD Fest. Our collaborative efforts have been marked by a commitment to adaptability and innovation, ensuring that each sub-brand maintains its unique identity and continues to captivate audiences. By leveraging our creative expertise, we’ve helped the FNGRS CRSSD team refine and amplify their brand narratives, delivering memorable experiences and pushing the boundaries of entertainment for their patrons.


Our collaborative partnership with FNGRS CRSSD extends far beyond brand development; it’s about crafting immersive brand experiences. From interactive installations that showcased the essence of DAY MVS, NGHT MVS, and CRSSD Fest, to captivating visuals, we support their team in transforming every event into a living embodiment of the brand.