Regional Mexican Cuisine

Since 2009, Round Corner Cantina has captivated its guests with an enchanting culinary expedition, showcasing the vibrant flavors of traditional dishes from Oaxaca to Todos Santos. With the aim of scaling the brand nationwide while preserving the essence of this remarkable gastronomic journey, our project set out to revitalize and reposition the brand for continued success.

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Esquina Cantina

what we did

Brand Strategy & Positioning / Brand Voice & Messaging / Brand Development / Web Development / Visual Design / Illustration / Copywriting

Round Corner Cantina sought our expertise to undertake a transformative endeavor encompassing a full rebrand and extensive revitalization of their website, merchandise, packaging, point of sale assets, and the visual ambiance within the restaurant. The primary objective was twofold: to discover a fresh, compelling name and to craft a new brand identity that would not only elevate the brand but also lay the foundation for future expansion and scalability to multiple locations nationwide.

Our new logo design aims to infuse the brand with a profound sense of connection and authenticity by drawing inspiration from the gracefully curved architecture of Esquina Cantina’s historical building. This design gracefully emulates organic and rounded elements, reflecting the brand’s rich culinary heritage, historical significance, and creating a visual representation that resonates with its cuisine and ambiance.