what we did

Research & Insights / Persona Development / Brand Development / Motion Design / Visual Design / Key Art Animation / Illustration / Social Media Content

Our project encompassed a multifaceted approach, aimed at elevating the brand’s visual representation. This involved multiple different elements of brand development, resulting in adaptive design tailored specifically for MagicCon. We integrated impactful animated motion graphics, seamlessly blending key art animation and motion design into the brand’s identity, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for the audience.

In order to elevate these key art animations we extracted vital visual elements and transformed them into captivating motion designs, enhancing the entire digital event experience. Specifically, for MagicCon Barcelona, we harnessed the collaboration between Magic The Gathering and Lord of the Rings to craft animations that not only elevated the digital presentation of the event, but also helped transport attendees into an immersive realm of magic and fantasy.